The current market climate beggars the need for hedging strategies in order to protect your portfolio. The market can rise 10% this week, and then drop 20% the next one. But I sleep well at night knowing that my bullish and bearish positions are the key to survive this market.

Trading during times like these can be hazardous to your wealth. It’s not just defensive stocks that are being crushed – if you’re not actively trading and sitting on positions, then odds will probably get the better of you eventually as markets change quickly without warning right now! But there’s some good news: this isn’t a normal environment so we don’t know what might come next anyway–but here goes my little prediction nonetheless…

Last week, the real economy began its collapse and crapped out. Interest rates are going to have a hard time staying on the rise for much longer because they always do what’s wrong at just about any given moment in time – I see iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond rising back into late summer territory between $120 – 130.

The S&P 500 just closed the seventh straight down week, which hasn’t happened since 2001! It’s looking pretty strong as I write this and there may be a nice little reprieve tomorrow. But don’t forget that this market is hard to trade – stay nimble if you want your money back quickly.

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